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        Dear William James Enthusiasts,
        I am way overdue for joining in the forum discussions. Now I have an invitation to explore William James, Social Influencer. That’s a presentation of mine at The Library Company of Philadelphia on Thursday June 20, 7pm, online. Registration and attendance are free.
        This is part of my bid to gain WJ a wider audience.
        Hope to see many of you on the Little Screen.
        All the best,

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          Dear Colleagues,
          The presentation generated a lot of interest in James. Let me know if you are interested in seeing an outline for the presentation or if you would suggest other interested audiences—including for a joint presentation with another James scholar!
          And I welcome your thoughts on devoting some of our scholarly bandwidth on not just depths of scholarship on James, but also on breadth of outreach about his insights and potential relevance for many theoretical and cultural issues.
          Keep doing good work,

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          Avatar photoPhil Oliver

            Hi Paul,
            I’d love to see your outline, and hear your outreach ideas. Sorry I missed the earlier notice of your presentation.

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