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      Avatar photoPhil Oliver

        It’s a much more pleasant (albeit much smaller) platform these days than Elon’s Twitter:

        I’m there too, btw:

        Perhaps the WJS would benefit from a formal presence there as well?

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        Avatar photoGary Jaron

          Perhaps. I’ve never indulged in the Tweet/Twitter thing. I know that Mastodon is a platform like Elon’s Twitter, but I don’t know anything about it. What is it like and what is the level of conversation/interaction like on that platform?

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          Avatar photoPhil Oliver

            Mastodon is small and “decentralized,” compared to Twitter, though it’s a lot larger than it was before Elon corrupted his acquisition. But in my experience it’s much more civil than Twitter. The decentralized structure means there are more platform administrators monitoring the level of discourse.

            I’ve started using Instagram more, since deleting my Twitter account. I notice that there’s a growing philosophy community there too. Perhaps that would be a good venue for WJS. Our site-specific discussion board is a good thing, but its reach could possibly be extended with a judicious social media presence.

        Viewing 2 reply threads
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