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Avatar photoGary Jaron

    I prefer to cite the original source rather than the Harvard source. Since I would assume that the vast majority of readers don’t own the Havard collection on their shelves. Though you can, with work and the internet page I create on our site – track down what the original source page was from the Harvard citation. You can’t do that in reverse – meaning if I gave an original source citation, there is no quick way to locate the Harvard page number for that same citation.
    Part of my creating this topic was to put out there the challenge: are the Harvard quotations of the material actually significantly different than how it was printed in the original source?
    I still am not yet impressed and convinced of the value of the Harvard texts for the major canonical books. I do own the Harvard texts for the notes, and essay collections.
    Is anyone willing to offer a quote that shows why the Harvard text is ‘superior’ to the original? Or even if it is – how and why to justify that difference?